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oneAPI license applying structure


Hi Intel Support Community,

I've been trying to understand the conversion from Parallel Studio and oneAPI. I have a 10 concurrent user license. The way I am understanding it, is that this license file is only used for the former software Parallel Studio. Any new oneAPI installations would not use this license file even if the compilers are being used for a commercial/development environment?

If I am wrong, how do I stand up the license to limit the usage of the oneAPI kits to 10 users across multiple machines?

Thank you,

Steven Lake

I saw a similar reference here:

However, his scenario is that he was a student and I am asking as a for-profit developer.

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Hi Steven, we do not have the option to check the number of users using a Concurrent User license from our end. We hope our users would use the product as per the agreement of terms and conditions stated in the EULA.


Steven, for understanding whether your usage is in accordance to the terms and conditions stated in the EULA regarding the toolkits, you would have to contact your legal department. They would be best suited to make a call based on your usage and the terms stated in the agreement.


Thank you, I read the EULA quite a bit, 'free user' actually states verbatim that oneAPI is free for a "company". So based on that I am to understand that I can have as many oneAPI installs and uses as we need plus some. The concurrent license though is for support from your team. 

And the concurrent license also works for Parallel Studio installs, should we be required. Then I would have the Parallel EULA in place for that. This does actually give information about the paid license. 

So me adding the oneAPI concurrently user license to FlexLM will allow me to control the parallel studio connections. However oneAPI never asks me for a license or serial number upon installation, so it is not require me to control the installs. 

I appreciate your help with directing me to the EULA. I'm happy to follow the EULA, and I am trying. This is what I am interpreting, and I was reaching out to you guys for confirmation.


Steven, we had contacted our internal team regarding your query.

Unfortunately, we at Intel® will not be able to interpret the terms and conditions stated in the EULA based on usage. For any confirmation on the interpretation of EULA, you would have to contact your legal department.


Steven, unfortunately we were unable to hear back from you.

If you have any further queries, please post a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel®.