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How to gain access to #513655 and #348742 (EEUPDATE tool) Tools?


Our company has developed an embedded board using the Intel WG210-AT.  I would like to get access to the utilities for programming the i210 NVM.  When I attempt to use any of the links to those tools posted in the forums or elsewhere, I get an "access denied" message.

How do I request access to those utilities?

I am having some problems with the Intel web site and a large portion also shows up as either Greek or Russian language.  My language preference is set to English.

Do the programming utilities run on ARM 64-bit Linux?  We are using a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 running the Raspberry Pi OS 6 4-bit Linux.  That is a derivative of Debian Linux compiled for the ARM v8 64-bit architecture on an arm A72 CPU.  Can I obtain the necessary sources to compile the utilities on ARM 64-bit Linux?

Thanks for any help.  I use the Intel developer site infrequently and am a bit confused about how to request access to resources and report issues with the web site.

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Hi ErikWlfn,

Thank you for reaching Intel Community.

To ensure you receive the most specialized assistance, we have a dedicated forum that addresses these specific concerns. 

Therefore, I will be moving this discussion to the respective team. 

This will allow our knowledgeable community and experts to provide you with timely and accurate solutions.


Fikri O.

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Hello @ErikWlfn,


Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.


You will need a Premier account in order to get access to these documents, also, being ARM what you are using, you can try with the EEPROM Access Tool [EAT], from document #572162.


To apply for a Premier account, you can check the following article:



Best regards,



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