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Buggy DP55 network card stalls after sleep state Bios/Driver bug?


Newest bios (02/17/2010) and newest network drivers under win 7 u 64.

When ever I leave my computer unantended, the screen will go black and the system will go into sleep mode. A gentle tap on the keyboard or mouse will awaken it instantaneously.

Except for my network. The card is marked as failed, with a big red X across it on the notification area. Using diagnostics doesnt help.

I can etiher reboot the machine or disable the card - and then re-enable it again - apparently reloading the driver helps.

This is somewhat of a pain. Same board did not have these problems with the release candidate of win 7.

Anyone else experienced this - and found a solution?

The driver has a huuge amount of options, of which I have touched none.

Best wishes,


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I'm trying to decide very close problem: from time to time network card stop working. Symptoms: sign in lower right corner show, that I have no access to network and network card don't react (mostly) on disabling/enabling. When I reboot computer, network card start as disabled in Windows (not in bios). I'm tested that situation with Windows 7 x32/x64 and with Windows XP everything is OK. So it seems to me it's a driver problem.

I switched off "Wait for link" in Advanced tab. Hor last 10 hours system works fine. You may try the same. Let's see result.

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