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Intel I350 PTP Hardware Timestamp Windows 10




I have a couple I350 cards and I want to enable the PTP Hadware Time Stamp on Windows 10 but I do not see that option on Intel ACU.


Furthermore I have an Intel I210 and an I217-LM which the options for PTP are on ACU, but not for I350.


Is there an alternate driver for I350 for PTP support on Windows 10?

I have read that I350 support PTP via this article:


Best regards.


Hardware Timestamp on windows 

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Hi Jniko,


We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue.


We will need some information regarding your system in order to make a recommendation for you however for Intel side, you may check on Intel® Ethernet Adapter Complete Driver Pack from below link as it also may contain driver for I350.


Intel® Ethernet Adapter Complete Driver Pack Version 28.0 (large files)


You may found the I350 driver inside this folder: Release_28.0\PRO1000\Winx64\NDIS68


NDIS68 is stand for Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) 6.8 driver package.


In order to better assist you, can you help share with us below information:

  • Motherboard model:
  • Cpu:
  • Bios version:
  • Windows 10 build version:
  • Current I350 driver version:
  • Current Intel Proset (ACU) Version:
  • Screenshot of the Adapter Settings from Intel Proset (ACU):
  • Screenshot of the Intel Ethernet Connection I350 Properties > Advanced tab > Property:


Since we have seen few similar case and workaround is still ongoing for this similar issue, is it possible for you to share with us any particular reason the need to enable the PTP on Windows 10?


Let us know if it's possible for you to provide all the information requested. Thanks.


Best regards,




Thank you for you response. The reason I want use HW timestamps is for sync the time of the PC with some other equipment. And need the precise time. As you will see on the pictures the I217-LM has the config for HW timestamps.


Also I have downloaded the drivers you provide and nothing is changed.


The PC I use is a Dell T7810 with 2x Xeon E5 2680v4 with latest BIOS A34.


The OS is Win 10 PRO 22H2 x64 for Workstations


The driver version is


The ACU version is













Hi Jniko,


We apologize for the delayed response. We are still continue checking on the possibility for the issue to occur.


Can help to share with us the link you have use to download below driver version. Is it from Intel website or Dell website?


  • The driver version is
  • The ACU version is


Best regards,





Thank you for your response.


The driver is from the Intel website.


Using the latest 28.0 driver.





Hi Jniko,


Thanks for the information.

Have you try any driver from Dell website before this or so far only test with driver from Intel website? Since OEM like Dell may have different set of driver as their driver mostly optimized/customized for their product.

Is the I350 also came from Dell together with the Dell T7810 system or it separately come from different place?

Best regards,





This card I have pulled out from a Dell server R340 which I have and not longer in use.


With that server and the Dell drivers on Windows Server 2019 I have some other options but again no config for PTP.


To add something more.


The T7810 was came with an extra I210 card probably branded from Dell and with the drivers from Intel site 28.0 the config for PTP is enabled.


Now on Linux the I350 from Dell (the one I have now on T7810) shows correct the options for HW PTP timestamp.


So something is wrong with the drivers on Windows.


A small update from my side.


I have tried on Linux with I350 to generate and receive PTPv2 with hardware timestamp and working as expected, all normal.


The same is and with I210 and I217-LM.


So on Windows driver is the issue. I have checked the e1r68x64.inf of the 28.0 package and I see the support for PTP is for I21x series enabled and not for the I350.


Please let me know if a solution is available.




Hi Jniko,


We apologize for the delayed response. We would be grateful if you could share some screenshot of I350 running PTP Hardware Timestamp in Linux environment if available.


I will share the information about e1r68x64.inf with engineering team and follow-up with them later.


Best regards,



Hi Jniko,


We received update from engineering team and yes you're right this case related to driver supported operating system.


When we refer to I350 product brief under Ethernet Features it does mention support for IEEE 1588 protocol which is related to Time-stamping:

IEEE 1588 protocol and 802.1AS implementation:

• Time-stamping and synchronization of time sensitive applications

• Distribute common time to media devices


However when we refer to IEEE1588 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on question No.15 as per link below it show that some limitation on Windows operating system.


15.Do Intel software device drivers support PTP?

Currently, Windows operating systems provide no support for IEEE 1588, and support in

Linux is only emerging. Because of this, the only software device drivers that support

IEEE1588 are the Linux drivers for the 82576, 82580, and I350 controllers. These software

device drivers provide an interface for the operating system and PTP applications to the

time stamping functions in the Ethernet controller, but do not currently provide an interface

to tune the internal clock. Driver support for other devices is coming soon.


Although software device driver support does not exist for all devices and all operating

systems, PTP applications in any operating system can still use the Intel hardware time

stamping functionality in any device by interacting directly with the Ethernet controller. PTP applications for Intel-based NICs exist for both Windows and Linux.


It can be conclude that Intel I350 PTP Hardware Timestamp is unsupported for Windows 10 and we understand this will caused an inconvenience situation for your side since so far there is no update plan available for Windows 10 environment. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue. We greatly appreciate your comprehend and understanding regarding this matter.


Best regards,


New Contributor I

I don't know on which date the following statement has been created: "Currently, Windows operating systems provide no support for IEEE 1588."


Windows supports its clock sync from PTP in w32tm since Windows 10 and Server 2019 18H2 using hardware timestamping. Since Windows 11 / Server 2022 Windows offers an API to access the hardware timestamping functionality also from third party Windows applications.


So the statement above does not reflect current state of Windows functionality. Using Intel I210 and I211 adapters, one can sync the Windows clock to PTP using Windows 10 and Windows 2019 18H2. And also access the hardware timestamping functionality of the network adapter through the API from third party applications under Windows 11 and Windows 2022. With certain errors in hardware timestamping implementation in Intel drivers for those two adapters which make it more or less unusable. The hardware timestamping could also be used immediately by users that need it under Windows 11 and Windows 2022 with any other Intel adapter for which Intel would implement the hardware timestamping functionality compatible with the new Windows API.


The user requirement is there and Windows offers the possibility to implement it as can be seen with I210 and I211 adapters. The only show stopper now seems to be Intel.


Hi Jniko,


If you have additional questions or clarifications, feel free to let us know.



Best regards,


New Contributor I

@Fariz_Intel please check back with engineering and tell the community what the Intel strategy in regards of PTP is, because Intel documents are contracticting themselves as @Peterdoo showed. The document you @Fariz_Intel linked to is completely outdated and its content now is false.


We need PTP hardware timestamping support for Intel Ethernet adapter silicon that hardwarewise has PTP support. We need this now and at least for Windows 11 resp. Server 2022 that perfectly from an API point of view do support PTP hardware timestamping.


It's totally unfair from Intel taking server prices for an Intel i350 NIC and now trying to avoid the driver writing effort to make Windows support PTP hardware timestamping on i350.


So please come up with a detailed statement on Intel's strategy on PTP hardware timestamping support on Windows regarding Intel Ethernet adapter silicon with PTP hardware timestamping support (in the silicon) namely (in order of priority) i350, i225, i210, i211, i219, i218, i217.


i210 and i211 have drivers claiming to support PTP hardware timestamping on Windows 11 and Server 2022, but if one calls Win32 API function GetInterfaceActiveTimestampCapabilities the result is ERROR_BAD_DRIVER. So please thoroughly talk back with engineering and confront them with our findings.


At least I am not the crazy one that have this issue.


In other words as far I can see Intel avoid to fix it and I can not think why?


Other brands have support on Windows (aka Mellanox) and not the global leader Intel.


This is getting interesting.


@Fariz_Intel I do not know what the engineers say to you but all are wrong. Even the information you provide. I do not blame you, but from the things you say or be said from the engineers can not be correct.


Please If I am wrong correct me. The Intel I350 based on this datasheet:



say that support IEEE 1588 on silicon which is working on Linux (I can take screenshots later) but not on WIndows and specially Server 2022 as @lexa@Peterdoo  said before which have enabled the API  for PTP (also on WIn11,10) and there are not drivers for a card that cost some extra money and thought to be / was one of the top of the line and just ignore it / bypass it?


And after all Intel was the quality /performance / functions / support. That was said to me..........



Please re speak with the engineers and let them know what is going on.


Thank you.

New Contributor I

@JNiko Intel is no more market leader. Neither in CPUs, nor in Ethernet.


Didn't you read about all the layoffs?


I do have the impression that Ethernet <= 10GBit/s is no more interesting for Intel as it brings absolutely no money. From a company point of view that might even make sense. It's just that they don't tell us the truth and even supply drivers that don't work (ERROR_BAD_DRIVER).


@lexa I am wondering if the newer and better products aka x540, x550 have support on Windows based on this datasheets:


Are they both 10Gb products?  They cost more from I350 / I210 etc.?I think they are.


If someone has these cards lets inform us if HW PTP is working.


Or better @Fariz_Intel can you provide us that the 10Gb products have support on for PTP on Windows? Can you ask the engineers?


I am really interesting for the answer.


New Contributor I

@JNiko Neither x540 nor x550 do have PTP harware timestamping support under Windows.


You can check yourself by searching for "PtpHardwareTimestamp" (without the quots) in the driver inf files.


I know @lexa .........


I had already checked............


The question and the comment was for Intel "engineers".......


And to be honest I was going to buy 4 x550 after the I350 was thinking that was old and not supported but.............


Tough luck.


After all these years with Intel NIC's  hundreds  installed on servers / PC's also on my PC's / servers,  it is time to give up.



New Contributor I

Yes it's a shame. Intel were one of the first to integrate PTP support in their Ethernet silicon and there were even proprietary solutions on Windows. When we were asking Intel about drivers for the public they always told us that first Windows support for PTP would be needed. Now WIndows support is there for years and now Intel is absent, sacrifying their loyal customers.


Hi Jniko,


We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue.


Yes you're right, since the I350 is getting older the documentation were revised on those year back when the product was launch. Another older FAQ about I350 also mention about 1588 protocol standard as per link below:


13.Does the Intel device driver support the 1588 protocol standard?

Though the I350 supports the 1588 protocol standard, the device driver does not. Each

application is unique and requires customers to develop their own custom driver to support

this feature.


We will cross check and update you back on the alternative product support for PTP Hardware Stamping. We completely understand the frustration you're feeling.


If you have any issue with other product or driver, feel free to post new topic to make it easier for tracking and follow up. We will try our best give you alternative support.



Best regards,