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How do I know which megafunctions require a license?

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I've just downloaded and installed Quartus Prime V20.1. I'm creating a new design in System Verilog and looking at the available IP Catalog. I understand that simple functions like lpm_add, lpm_mult, altlvds_tx, altlvds_rx & altpll are free, but, there are others there which I would think are not free. Looking at the list, how do I determine which are free and which aren't? For example, is the ALTFP_MULT free? It's in the list. What about the DDR3 SDRam controller? It's also in the list and I can start it up. What's warning me if I start a design and generate/insert these cores into my project that I wasted my time and should have used something else?
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Did you purchase the subscription license?

Basically, you can refer to https://www.intel.fr/content/dam/www/programmable/us/en/pdfs/literature/br/br-quartus-prime-software... page 7 for which IP need to be purchase. If you purchase subscription license, it would include the IP base suite. And most of the IP need to be purchase separately.

For common megawized, you will not need to pay for it.

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Hello Kenny, thank you for the reply.

There is no license for me to purchase, I am using the 'lite' version and I would only like to use the 'lite' version of Quartus Prime.

The link document you sent me does not solve my issue.  If the 'IP Catalog', right now, I can select and insert every function I choose.  Does this mean everything listed there is free with the free Quartus Lite?  It would be a huge wasted effort if I build a project which uses the 'DDR3 UniPHY' or 'ALTERA_FIR_COMPILER_II' for a Cyclone V device only to find out later at compile that I must pay for a license to build my FPGA project.  I need to know in advance which core function I will need to engineer myself.

The linked document you sent me does not contain the entire IP Catalog library with which items in the IP Catalog are free to use for free with Quartus Prime Lite edition.


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Simple answer to your question: unfortunately, there is no way to know until you compile the design (which is something I've disliked about Quartus for years; I've suggested putting a little "$" next to IP that requires a license ).

Longer answer for you: if you are using the Lite edition, a purchased license is required for the IP Base Suite (https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/programmable/products/intellectual-property/design/ip-base-s...; Standard and Pro edition include the IP Base Suite) and many of the other high end IP.  You can create a design with any IP you want whether it requires a license or not and still be able to run the design for testing and simulation in tethered/evaluation mode (https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/programmable/quartushelp/current/index.htm#reference/glossar...).  Not all 3rd-party IP supports this mode, but Intel IP does.  The compiler will let you know what IP is unlicensed and that you can run in evaluation mode with that IP.

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Thank you for answering sstrell,

My problem with purchasing a license version is that I'm designing an 'Open Source Public Domain' project and I need to make sure what I develop can be compiled and used by the greater hobbyist community at large.  I do not believe that this community at large has the financial resources to purchase a full version of Quartus Prime.


Most of the IP require to purchase, PCIE, tranceiver and etc,

Other than that, we have IP base suit to be purchase as well


To be sure, when you our IP, you can look into the assemble report and it will clearly state that it need license or not.


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