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Control Panel installation error ("Please make sure Quartus is installed")

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I am trying to install the DE2-115 board under Windows 7 professional 32 bits. 

While trying to run the Control Panel I get the error  

"Please make sure Quartus is installed". 


Quartus II is installed, and works very well (I have created and run on the board  

2 small examples). 

The USB blaster seems to function correctly, as reported by both Windows 

and Quartus II (using Tools\Programming correctly lists the device). 


The versions of both Quartus and Control Panel are those available for  

download at Terasic (I also tried the DVD versions that came with the board, 

same problem). 


Following advice found on this forum, I have copied the jtag_client.dll and 

dinkum_alt.dll to c:\Windows\System32 folder. Since then, I no longer 

have the "Cannot load jtag_client.dll" error I had in the beginning. 


Also following advice found on the forum, I have added the path to  

nios2eds (...\nios2eds\bin and ...\nios2eds\bin\cygpath) to the system path.  

(I did not reboot the computer since, but I don't think I should). 


Still, I get that error while executing cotrol panel. 


Thanks in advance for your help, 

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I have the same problem, i have tried to run it on a pc with xp x32 and on another with win7 x64, but no way.. Always show this error "please make sure that quartos ii is installed" although it's installed !!!!

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Same problem here.... I thought changing the $QUARTUS_ROOTDIR in Environment variable will do, but no....

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