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Intel® Graphics Command Center Feedback


We asked, you answered. You're tired of our 'old, boring, corporate-looking' Graphics Control Panel. We were too and we designed a completely new one from the ground up! We’re incorporating the changes you – the gamers, home theater enthusiasts, professionals, and everyday tinkerers requested. Using a phased approach, we're rolling out something we're proud to share with you: introducing the Intel® Graphics Command Center.


You told us how confusing ‘tongue twister’ features like tessellation and anisotropic filtering can be to understand, so we created a robust help option tailored to simplifying it all. Take all the guesswork out of game and media tuning with visual guidance on what each feature does, and how it impacts your experience.


We’re really just getting started. We'll be introducing many more features and functions in later phases and will keep the improvements coming, to give you the best possible experience we can. Please check it out and remember to let us know what you think. We recommend updating your Intel graphics driver to the latest version which triggers Windows Update to install the new command center. You can message us on Twitter at @intelgraphics.


Your feedback is important to help us shape how we approach visual computing. As you see from above, much of this new command center came from your feedback, so please provide your input in the appropriate links below so the teams involved with each functionality stay in touch with what you like or would like to see.


Here's the feedback pages:


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Очень хочется чтобы вернули возможность ставить кастомное разрешение на ноутбуках, это действительно необходимо для геймеров и даже простых пользователей!

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Hi. I have an issue where all of my company's Dell Latitude 3410 need to have Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel in order to connect to Panasonic PT-VX430 projector. I need to scale down the resolution to 1024x768 on Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel in order to make the display on projector auto-detected. But that does not work on Intel Graphics Command Center even i scaled down the resolution. I only installed Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel on 3/4 from all notebooks. Can i found some other ways to still download Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel on another 1/4 from all notebooks? Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks
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Hi Safri,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I have the same issue in my company's computers: the older ones which had Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel can correctly set the resolutions we need but we just could not figure out how to do it with the Intel Graphics Command Center - the option is never available.

I attached three images that show an option available on UHD Graphics Control Panel for EVERY display connected to the PC but is only available on Intel Graphics Command Center for the main display.

It would be great if we could have an answer from Intel on this subject, as it heavily impacts many projects using uncommon resolutions. Since its implementation, Intel Graphics Command Center has only brought problems to us. There isn't a single thing we found more useful in the new version, which is very unfortunate.


As Safri said: Your help is highly appreciated.


Thank you!

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