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Intel Iris Plus 640 on Intel NUC7i5BNK - problem flickering TV on resolution 4k 60Hz over HDMI


Hi Guys,

I have Intel NUC7i5BNK Windows 10 HOME with Intel Iris Plus 640. While using it with my SONY TV set up with 4k resolution at 60Hz I see the screen is flickering. To be precise the display just going blank for about 1 or 2 seconds. It is happening mostly while playing youtube or opening/closing any window.


When set up 4k at 30Hz problem is not present.


I saw some previous solution with using old drivers for Intel HD graphics however no longer available and really outdated.


I did all updates of all components, tried many cables and different HDMI ports. Even on Samsung TV nuc is acting the same. At this moment I am almost sure that the graphic driver is problematic.


Is there any solution or is it known issue?



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It's probably because the driver automatically tries to set 4K @ 60 Hz RGB. This can be critical for the available HDMI 2.0 video bandwidth (18 Gbps) depending on the cable length.


Please try the following settings as described here:

1. Set "Color Format" to YCBCR_420
2. Set the refresh rate to 60 Hz
3. Set the "Color Depth" to BPC_12

This results in a signal with a bandwidth of 13.37 Gbps.



NUC7i5BNB Technical Product Specification

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