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Migrating RAID volume from ICH7 to DP55KG


Hi peeps,

I've just invested in a moderate upgrade to my PC (D975XBX/ICH7R to DP55KG/ICH???) - I removed my previous board and hooked all the drives up to the new board and had a quick look around the BIOS, enabled RAID mode, saved the settings and rebooted. The OS was previously installed with RAID support, it's on a striped array and booted fine from the old motherboard, now I try and boot with everything hooked up to the new board and I get the familiar "STOP 0x0000007B" error. Is there a problem I can work around? I can't re-install XP (I discovered this evening that my XP DVD has broken in two - no joke, I was shocked when I found two halves in the case and no stress fractures!) and I will be installing windows 7 when my discs arrive (sat at the post office waiting for me to collect after work tomorrow!)

It'd be nice to be able to migrate from the old platform to the new without having to re-install the OS, I'm just looking for a clear indication that it's possible! It's also worth noting that I went through a driver upgrade on the old platform this weekend and have only just setup the new hardware, so I should be on the most up to date drivers

Thanks in advance

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