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Upgrading Xe drivers causes laptop screen to freeze - HP Spectre x360 16-f2000


I've had this problem for the last few Xe driver updates.  My laptop also has an ARC 370M GPU.

The last 2 times either ARC control (or windows update) has tried to upgrade the drivers for the Xe GPU, my laptop screen responds for a few seconds, then the just displays the last thing on the screen.  My laptop hasn't frozen though as I can still hear audio from music or video I am streaming.  I can also plug/remove USB devices and my laptops gives me the audio notification of devices being added/remoevd.  I have tried the graphics driver reset (Win + Ctrl + Shift + B) and that doesn't resolve issue.  The funny thing is, when I sleep the laptop, and resume, the display will work again for 2-3 seconds then freeze again.  This is infinitely repeatable, which is how slowly over a series of sleeps/resumes I was able to go into my device manager and roll back the driver.

The other strange thing is, if I plug a monitor into the HDMI out of my laptop, or from USB-C to DP, those monitors function fine even though my laptop screen is frozen.

One more strange thing I have noticed is that when I use a driver that freezes my screen, my laptop's built in webcam does not work.


My current version of Xe driver according to device manager is


I have tried these WHQL versions from the Intel website 

5333, 5382, 5445

I have also tried HP drivers from their website





All have had the same problem.  I would REALLY like to upgrade my drivers as they are from 2022.  



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The fact that external monitors connected via HDMI or USB-C to DP function normally while the laptop screen remains frozen suggests that the issue may be specific to the laptop's display or the interaction between the GPU and the laptop's built-in display.

Given that you've tried multiple versions of the Xe drivers from both Intel and HP's website, and the problem persists across all of them, it's clear that a driver update alone may not resolve the issue.


But I observed that there is a new arc driver update, please visit this link: Intel® Arc™ & Iris® Xe Graphics - Windows*



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