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All webrtc peer connections disconnected.


We have hosted intel 4.3.1 server in AWS Ec2 instances.  The webrtc server is working fine. But sometimes all webrtc connections in the server disconnects automatically. We got the subscription error and publication error during that time. All webrtc connections reconnects immediately after the disconnection with our own re-connection scenario.
Our application structure will look like this : Around 356 plus concurrent peer connections during that time. 60 plus streams to be combined in to one stream and the combined stream to be subscribed by 60 plus users.    
We are using two AWS server  for hosting the intel 4.3.1 server.  An 8 core CPU and 16 GB RAM with Ubuntu 18.04 server is used for video and audio agent. All other agents (Management API, Portal, Conference agent, and Webrtc agent) are running in another Ubuntu 18.04 server with 4 core 8 GB  RAM. 

The maximum resource usage of these servers are fine during the issue occurred time.

What can be the reasons for this disconnections?


Appreciating your opinions and guidelines in advance.
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