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Just Released: Intel® Software Development Tools 2024.1


Intel® Distribution for Python* expands the ability to develop more future-proof code, including Data Parallel Control (dpctl) library’s 100% conformance to the Python Array API standard and support for NVIDIA devices; Data Parallel Extension for NumPy* enhancements for linear algebra, data manipulation, statistics, data types, plus extended support for keyword arguments; and Data Parallel Extension for Numba* improvements to kernel launch times.


Release Notes for the Intel® Distribution for Python* are available here. Known issues are available here.


Intel® Distribution of Modin updates:

Moving forward in the 2024.2 release, we will focus solely on upstreaming Modin to ensure better integration with the wider ecosystem. Users who rely on direct distribution will be able to access Modin through upstream channels. 


More information: here.

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