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TBB version used in Windows binary distribution



Which version of Intel TBB is the latest version of Embree 2 (v2.17.5) built against in the Windows binary provided by Intel?  We are using TBB for other parts of a program and need to find the TBB header files that align with the version of TBB that ships with said distribution.  We would like to avoid re-compiling from scratch.

The release announcements for Embree 2 indicate they were last updated to TBB 2017 in Embree 2.12, that was a while ago, and when I right click on the tbb.dll that is bundled with v2.17.5 and examine its properties, I see 2017.0 and 2016.722 mentioned in Product version.

I suspect simply overwriting the TBB dll with the latest TBB releases DLLs would be a bad idea since Embree 2 was likely compiled against a different (major) version of TBB.


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Embree v2.17.5 from the ZIP file ( is linked against TBB 2017.0 ( You can figure this out by running ./verify when you downloaded Embree.

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