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A beginner to Electronics


Hello there,
I am an undergrad student in my 2nd year of Electronics course and I want to start with designing circuits, testing them, write logic for their functionality and all other electronic stuff and I don't want to wait until it is taught in univ.

so I plan on exploring stuff myself, but I don't know where to start so I would appreciate if somebody can share their experience on how they started with electronics or how they ended up here, what are your suggestions for a beginner?

It would be wonderful to have a checklist of things to learn/know. so it would be amazing if you can list one out here. Thank you for your time

P.S- @Rama I have seen your post on introducing FPGA to K12 so, I was hoping if you can answer this

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Hi Malyala,

This is a very general question but what I can tell is first you must have a good understanding in digital logic design and how to use the tool. Typically different vendor have different style and mechanism but mostly is nearly same (only gui etc). So to help you get use to the tool, assuming you already enhance and sharpen your digital logic subject, you can navigate to link below related to all documents for Quartus.

We can have a quick call to discuss this more if you want.


Hi Malyala,

Let me know if there is any update or concern at your end


Hi SyafieqS,
I'm currently learning Digital Logic Design(DLD) at college and in my free time as well and simultaneously I'm learning about Architectures too.

So for beginners reading this, the list of things to know/learn is-

  • Digital Logic Design
  • Computer Architectures

(The list will grow hopefully)

Some resources to learn DLD and Architectures for free is -

Thank you @SyafieqS , and sorry for the late reply, i was caught up with college work  

P.S. Hey, yes, we can have a call/chat some time soon and discuss more until then thank you so much..


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