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Lab 12 Part II Noise Filtering

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Hi everyone! 


I've been trying to make noise filter for input mic as requested in Lab 12 but I've been having some really strange issues. 

Lab link 

So what I do is whenever I got input signal I divide it by 8 and write it in FIFO. On the output I always keep sum of all FIFO registers. 

The strange thing that happens is, that it is working perfectly fine when I am not dividing by anything (Just outputing the sum of all registers), and when I am dividing by 8 I only get noise as the output. 


Does anybody have any idea what might cause this issue ? 


Here is my code in case you couldn't understand what I've been saying :D 



// synopsys translate_off `timescale 1 ps / 1 ps // synopsys translate_on module noise_filter # ( parameter DATA_WIDTH=24, parameter N = 4 ) ( input write, input clock, input data_in, output done, output sum ); reg summed; reg counter; reg isDone; reg fifo ; integer i; initial begin counter = 0; summed = 0; isDone = 0; for(i = 0; i < 2**N; i= i+1) begin fifo = 0; end end always @(posedge clock) begin if(isDone == 1) begin isDone <= 0; end else if(write == 1) begin counter <= counter + 1; fifo <= {{N{1'b0}}, data_in}; summed <= summed - fifo + data_in ; isDone <= 1; end end assign sum = summed; assign done = isDone; endmodule  


So long story short, this outputs just random noise, and with this change  

fifo <= data_in; summed <= summed - fifo + data_in;  


it works perfect. 


Thanks everyone!
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