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ifx error #5533 for no obvious reason


Hi, this is more of a bug report rather than question, if there is a better place to post it (like a bug tracker) I'd be happy to move it.


I got the code down to this:

subroutine s(p, a, q) bind(c)
    use iso_c_binding, only: c_double
    implicit none
    complex(c_double), intent(in), value :: p, q
    complex(c_double), intent(in) :: a
end subroutine s

`ifx -c` gives some backtrace and the following:


error #5533: Feature found on this line is not yet supported in ifx  
   subroutine s(p, a, q) bind(c)
compilation aborted


ifort -c works fine.


Changing pretty much anything in this makes it work, even odd things like for example reordering the parameters to s(p, q, a).

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This is the right place to report compiler bugs for ifx, unless you have Priority Support. Thanks for taking the time to report it.

I filed a bug report on this one, CMPLRLLVM-36361. Don't look for a fix in the next release that's due in April.