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A Bus error


Hi all,

I'm running a pretty heavy MPI application (the WRF model) on Linux and get a BUS error (please see below the output for the type of the error) --- any idea how to isolate the cause (specific line of bad coding), or system/compiler/MPI related issue ?

Have you guys had an experience of catching these bugs with one of Intel's new tools ?

Thanks in advance for your perspective and experience,



rsl.error.0010:[n13:mpi_rank_10][error_sighandler] Caught error: Bus error (signal 7)

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Hi Jack, 

If you have also the Intel tools ITAC (Intel Trace Analyzer and collector) and Inspector XE available (part of the Cluster Studio) you may try the following analyis:

1. initialize ITAC . Code may be compiled with -g for better results showing line numbers etc. 

2. run your code with an additional flag (-check_mpi):

$ mpirun -check_mpi -n <N> ./prg.x

errors and warnings will be printed on stdout. This will just analyze the MPI usage.

For memory and threading bugs you may use Intel Inspector.

1.  initialize Inspector  . code should be compiled with -g

2. Run an analyis on the rank that is causing trouble e.g. 13. This can be done in a convenient way by using the "-gtool" flag or the I_MPI_GTOOL variable. 

export I_MPI_GTOOL="inspxe-cl --collect mi1 --result-dir mi1 :13"

run your code in the normal way. 
Please have a look at the Inspector documentation. You may simply try "inspxe-cl -h" for a start. The analysis above is just looking for mem leaks. More involved analysis can run for a long time. Please limit to a few time steps. 

best regards,


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