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Installed MPI Library 5.1 Update 3 and Damaged the OS Install


I recently downloaded and installed the Intel MPI Library 5.1 Update 3 (w_mpi_p_5.1.3.180.exe) and after what appears to be a successful install, many components of the OS (Window 7) are non functional, including but not limited to the failure of system control panel applications (%windir% empty even though the environment has windir correctly set), VS 2015 settings are incorrect please run devenv /resetsettings (which does not repair the issue, but infact runs VS 2015), task bar icons not functioning - the program has been delete (even though the program is present where expected).

I tried twice using restore points to reverse the damage. I am at a loss and would like to know if there is a solution to this issue or if there is a way I can manually install the components. A manual install should be reasonable as I only need the C/C++ headers, libraries and the appropriate binaries.




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The Microsoft Windows* %PATH% environment variable exceeded its maximum length. Reducing it before the installation of Intel MPI solved the issue. Please notice also the article

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