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Intel MPI questions


So I've been trying to unconfuse myself about the various fabrics/transports supported by intel mpi 2018/19 as used for the `I_MPI_FABRICS` variable and related ones. I have a few questions I'm hoping someone can help with - they're all related so have put them in one thread:

1. Is there a way of getting intel mpi to output which transports/fabrics it thinks are available on a machine? Or is it just a question of trying each one with fallback disabled?

2. 2018 has a `tcp` fabric while 2019's `OFI` fabric has a `TCP` provider. Am I right in thinking these are *not* the same, with the former not using `libfabric` at all?

3. 2019 (only?)'s `OFI` fabric has an `RxM` provider. The other OFI providers seem tied to a specific hardware but I'm not clear if this one is, or is it something more fundamental?

4. 2018 had a `ofa` fabric which says it supports InfiniBand through OFED Verbs:

a) Am I right in thinking this is *not* the same verbs interface as is provided by the `ofi` fabric's `verbs` provider?

b) Does the OFA/OFED Verbs interface support anything other than InfiniBand?

Many thanks for any answers!

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