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Intel fortran Parallel Studio 2013


I have been using Intel Fortran 2013 version, educators version. I have checked the website I realized that it is not available anymore. In this case, I have to update the Visual Basic and the version of the commercial software I am going to use. It is a lot of mess.  Intel pushes for new version, but we have to also reinstall and update every software, which is really no good.  I have been searching for couple of days whom to contact, I also could not find any link.


Besides, I have downloaded earliest available version, Intel Fortran 2017. But I could not load it, since it asked for a license. I do not know really what to do. 


Could anyone please help me with how to renew my license for the older version? Is there any place I shall contact?



Eralp Demir





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As you have a valid license, could you please raise a ticket on online service center they would be able to provide you immediate support on this issue. You could reach the online service center at the below URL.

Online Service Center ( or Priority Support (

We would recommend attaching screenshots when raising the issue.

As this is a licensing issue, we are closing this thread and will no monitor this thread. Please raise a new thread for any further queries.



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