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Trouble installing Windows MPI runtime environment



I'm trying to install the Windows MPI Runtime Environment on a Windows 7 / x64 machine for use with some modelling software. I'm using version 5.1 Update 1 (or, which is not quite the latest, but is what the vendor of the modelling software says is required). The machine previously had a 4.x version, but this has been uninstalled.

When I run the installer it self-extracts, then I see an Intel splash screen for a couple of seconds, and then it vanishes and nothing further happens. There does not appear to be anything applicable in the windows event logs when this happens.

The PC in question is a university managed one. I have sufficient permissions to be able to use "Run as Adminsitrator", and this does not help. I guess it's possible that a group policy or other restriction is causing trouble; if so, then diagnosing this would be helpful so that I could take the evidence to IT.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!



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