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hfi1 driver version confusion


I previously installed IntelOPA-IFS.RHEL72-x86_64. to set up an Omni-Path cluster. I noticed that this version of the Omni-Path software includes hfi1- and after installing, hfi1 version 0.11-162 was present on the system.

I recently upgraded to IntelOPA-IFS.RHEL72-x86_64. and noticed that this version does not include an hfi1 driver. After upgrading, the system loads hfi1 version 0.9-294, which is the version included with the kernel.

What is the latest version of the hfi1 driver? From the version numbers I'd guess 0.11-162 is newer than 0.9-294. If that's the case then why does upgrading to the latest Omni-Path software result in reversion to an older driver version? Additionally it looks like a version of the hfi1 driver source code is also present here:, however the commit comments indicate that the latest version is 0.11-156 but the actual version string in common.h is 0.11-162, leading to more confusion.

Is there a reason not to use driver version 0.11-162 with the latest Omni-Path software? Assumably it would be better to use the latest version.


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