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install Intel Studio Cluster Edition after installing Composer Edition


Hi all,

I am a student and was using Intel Studio XE Composer edition for the past year. Recently I realized Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector is also available for students with Cluster Edition. I wish to install only this tool without having to uninstall my previous installation of Composer Edition. When I attempt to customize my installation I get the following error msg:

Product files will be installed here:


"The install directory path cannot be changed because at least one software product component was detected as having already been installed on the system".

Any help how can I solve this issue and install only Trace Analyzer is highly appreciated. 

Note that I have many jobs running currently, which I assume will be killed if I uninstall current Studio version. So I highly prefer to not kill my jobs. 



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Hi Shamseddin,

1. Intel Parallel Studio Cluster Edition contains all the tools and libraries of the Composer Edition. You can uninstall the previous edition and install the cluster edition when your job is not running. 

2. If you have applied the Intel Parallel Studio Cluster Edition, you may go to the Intel Registration Center ( and you can find it in the product list. You may try to only download the Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector and install it with your license.



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