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MorphOpenBorder in IPP 2021.6.2 slower than IPP 5.3

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Hello all,
Recently I shifted from IPP 5.3 to IPP 2021.6.2 and did a performance test following is the result.

  IPP IPP 2021.6.2  
  Time Per 1000 calls Time Per 1000 calls Percentage Decrease
ippiMorphOpenBorder_8u_C1R 4730.390188 6188.637276 -30.827


As you can see, for ippiMorphOpenBorder_8u_C1R, we are taking 30% more time as compared to IPP 5.3.
Whereas other functions like ippiDCTFwd_32f_C1R and ippiFFTFwd_RToPack_32f_C1R are faster by 40%.

Also, ippiMorphCloseBorder_8u_C1R is faster by 30%

My machine supports up to AVX2

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