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Applications that have a mix of OpenMP and MPI

Do you know of applications that use the hybrid approach of using OpenMP and MPI for running on SMP based clusters? I see a lot of apps written and studied in academia, but I am interested in commercial applications.
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Vikram -
I'm not surprised that you haven't gotten any responses, yet. Running hybrid codes like you describe requires specific hardware configurations to be most effective. It may be a "chicken and egg" situation, but there aren't many end users that would purchase such systems. Those that can (e.g., automakers, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, etc.) don't add up to a number significant enough for commercial ISV's to devote the resources needed to develop and maintain a hybrid version of the applications along with just MPI or just threaded.
WIth dual-core processors, this might change since each node of even a small cluster (4 to 8 nodes) will be able to run threads on even a "single" processor node. Should this situation materialize, I think we'll still see a lag of time before ISV's catch on and are able to ramp up efforts to thread MPI codes.
-- clay
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