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ICT shared installation vs separated and ICT Live CD for dynamic node adding


Tell me please when should I install ICT on shared space and when on each node separetly. After tests I would like to create Linux Live CD to add nodes dynamicly, what kind of installation would be better for it? If you had any general advices in adding nodes dynamicly, I would be also very greatful :)

Thank you for help and regards.
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It's your decision. Installing on a shared file system is a popular way, and in many cases performs well on small clusters. It might not be sufficient for performance on a large cluster without a high performance shared file system.
If you want full facility for adding nodes to a cluster, that is usually done with cluster management software, not internal to Intel Cluster Tools. There are several commercial cluster management systems incorporated in Intel Cluster Ready releases, which you can read about at, and that doesn't exhaust the field.
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