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Intel ITAC error



I am using Intel Traceanalyzer to profile an application called CESM. Since I want to profile the user defined functions, I instrument the code using the -tcollect option during compilation. This happens successfully. 

After compilation, I use the -trace option in the mpirun command. 

After the run is completed, I see that the several trace files are generated. 

When I open the $application.stf file (the appropriate stf file), I get the following error in the Intel Traceanalyzer. 

"The file $application.stf cannot not be read. Check name, permissions, whether this is really a trace file and the trace is valid. Also check that all parts of the trace file, if they exist, are located in the same directory."

Please find attached the snapshot of the error which I receive when I open traceanalyzer. 


What might be the probable causes for this? The generated insturmented code is extremely large as the job (with instrumentation) took 6 hours to run.



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