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Using new unified installer for Cluster Tools 3.2.2 - Slow

I downloaded the new cluster toolkit 3.2.2.

Little 128 node cluster with master node.

The install scipt installs the rpms onto the master node.
Then it is taking quite awhile to 'Analyze node configuration'
Watching it's progress: It's taken 46 minutes to process 23 nodes.
I'm guessing the installer is attempting to discern network topology, or if any compute nodes share the install directory.
Though, when prompted by the installer, I selected 'non-shared' install, i.e. /opt/intel is local on each compute node.
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Ok, the installer did eventually complete.

It appears that as the installer goes out to the compute nodes, it first attempts to check for any shared filesystems... though I indicated via prompts that filesystems were not shared.

Anyway it spends several minutes per node checking access to all other compute nodes.

Then it installs the software.
This takes quite a bit of time as well. - 4hrs for the 128 nodes. (thats with 8 way parallelizing the install)
It seems to install the whole kit. Documentation and everything on all the client/compute nodes.
I was kinda hoping it would install a 'reduce' set of bits, to lower the footprint of the software.

With the prior version of CTK installed it occupies 5GB.

I'm making this post - just so others are forwarned.

Traditionally, for developer products. We've installed on master node.
Then tar'd up the client side bits (mostly just libraries) to distribute to client nodes.

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Quoting - Ron Reeder
I was kinda hoping it would install a 'reduce' set of bits, to lower the footprint of the software.

Hi Ron,
Thank you for the information you provided.
Could you submit an issue report on Premier Suport with full desctription, your suggestions and it would be great if you could provide intall.log file as well.


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