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a cluster of two virtual machines cannot be created,it said cannot access "my another node name" using ssh command


I want to create a cluster of two virtual machines. I have followed the file "parallel_studio_xe_2015_update3/doc/Install_Guide.htm#prerequisites". However, when I get the  eighth step in Prerequisites,it occurs this situation:

Yes,cws02 is the master node ,cws01 is the other node.It requires me to input my current virtual machines's key word,but after i enter that ,it stayed there so long and never changed.I can't understand.

After that ,I command "./",and it goes smoothly until it get the  installation step,it tell me this:

Yes,it cannot access cws01 using SSH command .I guess it is because of the eighth step previous.

But I can access cws01 using ssh command in Centos terminal.Like this:

 Yes,at last of the picture,I can access it.So ,What happend?What can I do?Can you give me a more detailed installation file?


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