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alternative to expect

I am using the intel cluster toolkit to run a cluster. However I am getting errors during the installation of the expect software.
It does not recognize the operating system which is RedHat enterprise Server 5.0

Is there any alternative software to the expect software to establish the ssh connectivity between the machines?

Kindly help
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Hello awinguth,

In reality, we provide you with the sshconnectivity.exp script for convenience. All it really does is create the public/private rsa keys needed for SSH. If your account is setup to use passwordless SSH, meaning that you can ssh into any node without being prompted for a password, you don't need to run the expect script.

Perhaps the sys admin for the cluster can set that up for you?

If you are experiencing problems with Except, I would point you to their FAQ, particularly the section regardingfailures on RedHat:

The also have an alert on the home page saying that version 5.44 has been "recalled due to unresolved problems". They recommend falling back to version 5.43.

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