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mpdboot fails what is the equivalent of "export MPICH_PORT_RANGE=50001:59999" in Intel MPI


my mpdboot fails also. I get similar errors, but I believe the reason for mpdboot failing is that it trys to start mpd on some random port number, which always turns out to be a blocked port (firewall). Cluster prodution environments are usually firewalled. see the error in my case

mpdboot_blade13 (handle_mpd_output 730): Failed to establish a socket connection with blade11:36126 : (113, 'No route to host')

First this could kind of error could be prevented by setting an ideal safe port range like in the MPICH2. In mpich2-1.0.7 the way to specify the port range for mpd to work in is to to set the MPICH_PORT_RANGE variable to a range of ports that are opened for use by the iptables. i.e.

export MPICH_PORT_RANGE=50001:59999

How could one achieve the same objective in intel mpi (environment)?

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