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7i7BNB w latest BIOS: want to migrate from 1 TB Samsung SSD to 2 TB SSD. Clone fails, migration w image also fails, repair stuck in boot loop



I want to migrate to a larger Samsung SSD.


I had a 960 pro NVME SSD with 1 TB in that nuc, along with another Samsung ssd attached on Serial ATA.


I bought a 2 TB Samsung SSD, a 970 EVO Plus.


I made a complete drive backup of the old 1 TB nvme ssd with drive image to a big spinning disk, changed the internal to the new 2 TB nvme ssd and restored the disk drive image to the new one... but it failed.


After long sessions of windows 10 recovery I found out that the nvme ssd is always identified as a second disk, not the primary disk that has the boot and uefi bios in it. The SATA SSD is always first... how come? That's wrong..!? But I cannot find a way in the BIOS to change that? Is this a bug or what am I doing wrong? Is there another way to move from the old 1 TB nvme ssd to the newer one?

Please advice.

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I have done many clones, and recently on several nucs, using samsung, using Macrium Reflect, and have never had a problem.


Just saying.





Thank you Doc. Are you using the free version or the home version with the bare metal option? Did you also have a second disk in the nuc like I have? And: did you do the imaging with a windows RE media or with live cloning from the source c: drive? How are you attaching the target drives? Same way like mine?

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After you cloned from the secondary drive to the new primary, did you go into BIOS Setup and change the boot order to put the new primary ahead of the secondary?


If that doesn't work, try booting with the secondary disconnected. This may cause a Windows repair to happen and this will fix the boot records on the new primary. After successfully booting, reconnect the secondary. You may then need to go into BIOS Setup and change the boot order to have the new primary ahead of the secondary.


Hope this helps,