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Backup/Restore Working Solution

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Having setup my NUC7i5BNHXF and read every possible post before setting up I was very concerned about thr backup and restore situation with Optane memory involved.

I have used AOMEI Backupper for years on my window computer and it's an excellent Free Backup and Restore Solution

AOMEI link:

The current version is 4.5 but the simpler and in my opinion much better version is AOMEI v. 3.2. In particular for System backup and Restore this version is Flawless. Later versions have issues booting into PE mode when doing Restore.

My NUC has 16GB Optane Memory and 1TB HDD

When you start a system backup it will list the Following

Name Capacity Used

*:system 100MB 53MB

C:Windows 100GB 24GB (I have three partitions C/D/E on my Drive, The AOMEI Backup Folder is on E)

*:Recovery 1024MB 402MB

Just name your backup(AOMEI will name it # 1) to whatever you want and after 10 Minutes you will have a full system image backup wherever you put your Target directory.(Backups are Run as a background Task just keep doing what you'r doing)

I was never concerned about the backup bit It basically the same as windows system image backup.

I was however concerned about restore, having read about decoupling/disabling and what have you Optane memory.

I decided to treat my NUC as any other windows PC so I did not disable anything.

Started AOMIE windows System restore using the previously performed backup(that was about six hours old and I had done minor system changes after dong the backup).

AOMEI Reboots into Windows PE mode sets up it own environment and Restores the above listed Files.

Reboots after Restore (if Ticked) and up come you system Optane and all working as it should.

I hope this may help anyone who like me was/is a bit concerned about how to treat this new tech.

BTW I do Love this new little PC it's a stunning peace of Hardware.

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Intel removed my link to 3.2 version, A quick search will find a download for you.

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