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Germany: obtain warranty services without having an invoice?

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Hello community,

i am thinking about buying two one year old NUC which do not come with an invoice.

I am wondering if I will get warranty services in case something gets broken despite I have no invoice?

Warranty paper says I have to have a purchase proof (Kaufbeleg). Does this mean only the original invoice is valid?

Best Regards

Carsten Brauer

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Community Manager

Hi Klinger,



Thank you for your interest in Intel products.



I understand you are trying to purchase couple of Intel® NUC's as second-hand.



My recommendation is to contact an Intel Authorized Distributor around your area and try to get new products. You will be covered for three years on the warranty.


I regret to inform you that if you get second-hand computers, they are not covered under warranty in case of any failure.



Thank you for your time.