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"semi" dead NUC NUC10i5FNH2


My NUC is almost dying and I'd like to keep it alive. I saw some people online having some similar issues, but no solution shared.

Most of the time I can't boot my NUC, it simply does not respond.
If I let it sit for some hours unplugged from the power, it will eventually boot, but normally, I can see only a green light on the motherboard, but no response from the power button, no fan no nothing.

When I manage to boot, it works normally, no overheating or hangs. But when I shut it down it acts like that.

  • I tested the power unit, it is outputting 19v

  • There's no problem with the power button, even if it was, my NUC is configured to turn on after a power failure

  • After plugging the power the green light on the motherboard turns on

  • I tried unplugging the memory and the m.2 storage

  • No fan spinning

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Simple answer: don't shut it down. 

You obviously have a component that is on the verge of failing and only when it is heated a certain amount will it work. These are the kinds of issues that can be nigh unto impossible to track down. You have to replace components one at a time until you identify the failing component. If it's a device on the motherboard, well...


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BTW, If it's a FN NUC, your warranty (if you ever had one) should still be active. Get the unit replaced on RMA.