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Jtag Server USB-Blaster detection



I've encountered a problem with the last windows update (22000.795).

Using the latest programmer (21.1.1)  my jtag server won't detect the USB-Blaster if, and only if, the virtual COM port from a serial-usb (FT422) converter is open.  The problem is, this port needs to stay open for other operations running on the system.


Is this a known problem? I could not find any solutions other than reverting the windows update, which our clients can't do.  Is there another way for the jtagserver to discover the usb-blaster or do I need to close the COM port?


Thanks for the help


Complete setup :

Windows pro 11 22000.795

Quartus programmer 21.1

FTDI VCP driver

FPGA Devboard DE0-Nano Cyclone IV

Altera USB-Blaster


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