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OpenCL on SoCKit

Honored Contributor II

The results I'm getting are different than others that I'm seeing. I'm following the steps in the getting started guide: 


I can verify the installation with: 

~/altera$ aocl version 

aocl 14.0.200 (Altera SDK for OpenCL, Version 14.0 Build 200, Copyright (C) 2014 Altera Corporation) 



I can see the board packages:~/altera$ aoc --list-boards 

Board list: 





But if I try to install the FPGA board:~/altera$ aocl install 


No board installation routine supplied.  

Please consult your board manufacturer's documentation or support  

team for information on how to properly install your board.  




And if I run diagnostics:~/altera$ aocl diagnostic 

aocl diagnose: Running diagnostic from /home/ghelbig/altera/14.0/hld/board/c5soc/arm32/bin 

/home/ghelbig/altera/14.0/hld/board/c5soc/arm32/bin/diagnostic: 1: /home/ghelbig/altera/14.0/hld/board/c5soc/arm32/bin/diagnostic: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")") 

aocl diagnose: failed. 




Any pointers on where to look? 


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Honored Contributor II


"aocl install" is not required for the SoC board (as everything is pre-installed on the supplied flash card image) so it's not implemented. Sorry for the confusing message. 


"aocl diagnose" should work. Are you running these commands on your development machine or on the board? "aocl diagnose" should be run on the board (ARM CPU), as it's the only CPU that can talk to the FPGA core.