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error 10161 when importing vhdl packages to system verilog

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My toplevel design is in system verilog, I import a VHDL package with record type, quartus errors with "Error (10161): Verilog HDL error at object "dummy_vhd_pkg" is not declared" 

To simulate I used modelsim -mixedsvvh and I don't have any problem simulating. however when I try compiling the design with quartus I get the error above. 


I made sure all signal are plain lowercase, I've also tried compiling vhdl in a different library. 

I have also tried creating a system verilog package with packed structure mimicking the vhdl records, compilation goes a bit further, but then I get error indicating the vhdl record output don't exist. 


anything else I could try ? 


for reference : 


I am using Quartus 14.1 



---- my vhdl package:----  


library ieee; 

use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; 

use ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all; 

use ieee.numeric_std.all; 


package dummy_vhd_pkg is 


type dummy_vhd_type1 is record 

dummy_vhd_type1_sig1 : std_logic; --  

dummy_vhd_type1_sig2 : std_logic; --  

end record; 


constant dummy_vhd_type1_init : dummy_vhd_type1 := ( 

dummy_vhd_type1_sig1 => '0', 

dummy_vhd_type1_sig2 => '1' 



end package; 



--- vhdl code: ---- 



library ieee; 

use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; 

use ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all; 

use ieee.numeric_std.all; 

use work.dummy_vhd_pkg.all; 


entity dummy_vhd is 


clk : in std_logic; 

rst : in std_logic; 


output_1 : out dummy_vhd_type1 


end dummy_vhd; 



architecture rtl of dummy_vhd is 

signal output_sig1: dummy_vhd_type1; 


output_1 <= output_sig1; 

proc1 : process(clk,rst) is 


if rst = '1' then 

output_sig1 <= dummy_vhd_type1_init; 

elsif rising_edge(clk) then 

output_sig1.dummy_vhd_type1_sig1 <= output_sig1.dummy_vhd_type1_sig2; 

output_sig1.dummy_vhd_type1_sig2 <= output_sig1.dummy_vhd_type1_sig1; 

end if; 

end process; 

end rtl;  



---- and finally toplevel system verilog: --- 




import dummy_vhd_pkg::*; 


module dummy_top_sv 

input logic clk,  

input logic rst,  

output logic dummy_sv_1_1  



dummy_vhd_type1 output_1; 

assign dummy_sv_1_1 = output_1.dummy_vhd_type1_sig1; 


dummy_vhd dummy_vhd_inst1 





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I would raise a case with Altera MySupport. Their SV support isnt full, and other vendors (cadence in particular) have a terrible time importing records from VHDL in to SV, so this isnt just a Quartus problem. 


For reference:  

Modelsim also has a problem with VHDL record that contain arrays that have 0 length, but this is more a System verilog limitation 


Cadence cannot import any records that contain types other than std_logic or std_logic_vector, and nested records are also not possible.
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Thanks Tricky, 

In the end I had to modify the VHDL toplevel record port into various SLV port.