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DPDK l2fwd use



I succeeded in compiling DPDK and the l2fwd example. But I can't get l2fwd sample application to be started. In fact, I don't know how to specify the interfaces. I tried with the example in the official website. Here is what I'm having:

toug@toug-LIFEBOOK-E751:~/Documents/dpdk-stable-18.05.1/examples/l2fwd/build$ sudo ./l2fwd -l 0 -n 1 -- -q 1 -p ffff EAL: Detected 4 lcore(s) EAL: Detected 1 NUMA nodes EAL: Multi-process socket /var/run/dpdk/rte/mp_socket EAL: Probing VFIO support... MAC updating enabled EAL: Error - exiting with code: 1 Cause: No Ethernet ports - bye

In fact, I don't how to specify the interfaces.

Anyone can give me a simple command on how to launch it with 2 interfaces? Thanks.

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