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Engineering Edition - Bios problem CM11EBv716W


I have two pcs of CM11EBv716W Engineering Edition using with compatible CMCR1ABB chassis.

After experimenting with BIOS settings turning Intel Trusted Execution Technology ON - the intel NUC stopped responding. There is no BIOS screen, no BIOS options - only black creen and Intel NUC keeps ressetting.

This is Engineering Edition - maybe that is the trick that BIOS recovery does not work?

I have tried every method to recover/reverse BIOS settings (F7 update, PoweButton Recovery, ABC switch) with no success.

Do you possibly know some other software or main board socket combination to set this back to defaults?

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Hello PiWa,


Thank you for posting in Intel Communities.


Seeing that your product is a NUC11, I want to let you know that the Technical and Warranty Support for Intel’s NUC 7 through NUC 13 Systems has transitioned to ASUS as of January 16, 2024. Please contact ASUS Support. All software, firmware, BIOS support, and security advisories will be supported through ASUS as well.


You may check the reference article: Customer Support Services for Intel® NUC Products Has Transitioned to ASUS as of January 16, 2024.


I will be closing this case. Should you have new concerns in the future, feel free to create a new thread as this one will no longer be monitored.




Jeanette C.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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