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AMT provisioning keeps failing.

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I have 2 PCs. One is provisioning fine. The other constantly fails.



2022-12-01 18_42_42-PWVSMTEMA001 - Remote Desktop Connection.png


2022-12-01 18_41_13-PWVSMTEMA001 - Remote Desktop Connection.png

(from Manageability logs):

2022-12-01 18_54_10-Configuration Manager Trace Log Tool - [C__temp_EMALog-ManageabilityServer.log].png

On the failed machine, I get this INVALID_STATE message, on the FAILED machine AMT is de-provisioned, I am struggling to work out why this is happening.

2022-12-01 18_45_36-DLONTE00014 - Remote Desktop Connection.png

Both machines have the same build. I have performed the following on the machine which wont provision:

  • Installed IME drivers
  • Re-provisioned / De-provisioned AMT via BIOS / ACUConfig multiple times
  • Failure Machine has same DNS suffix and DNS / IP subnet as Successful machine

But for whatever reason this machine wont provision. I have even Disabled and re-enabled Manageability features witin MEBx but to no avail.

Any pointers as to what "INVALID_State" could mean?

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