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Bitrate question


Hello Support team,

I have downloaded one of the 'Bigbuckbunny' mp4 trailer in order to compare it with my encoded video.

I encode a video of size 1024 x 768 30 FPS captured by camera and set the bit rate to 16000 (16 kbps) to get a decent and non blocky mp4 (even

if there is no movement in the scene captured).

The 'Bugbuckbunny' mp4 is 1280 x 720 25 FPS and encoded only at around 1600 kbps with smooth video (1/10 bit rate of my video).

What might the reason for such difference in the two bit rates? for same length, I need 10 times the bitrate to get relatively smooth video.

Many thanks,





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Hi Joseph, 

MediaSDK only supports elementary video streams. Can you please share more details about your scenario like which encoder are you using to encode input clip? Are you using HW/SW encoding? Also, the application you are using (if sample_encode without any changes "")? In addition, please share a log from system analyzer tool (, which can help provide us your system environment details like OS/Driver/platform version.


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