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The Intel Media SDK project is no longer active. For continued support and access to new features, Intel Media SDK users are encouraged to read the transition guide on upgrading from Intel® Media SDK to Intel® Video Processing Library (VPL), and to move to VPL as soon as possible.
For more information, see the VPL website.
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Can multiple encoders be joined together as multi-transcode does?


In multiple intra-session transcoding, several sessions joined:

-sw -i::mpeg2 input1.mpeg2 -async 10 -o::mpeg2 output1.mpeg2

-hw -i::h264 input2.h264 -o::mpeg2 output2.mpeg2 –join

-hw -i::h264 input3.h264 -o::mpeg2 output3.mpeg2 –join


In multiple encoder session, can several sessions be joined the same?


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