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Does Intel HD Graphics 4600 support Camera Pipeline plugin?


I am trying to execute "sample_camera" project of Intel Media SDK RAW Media Accelerator Sample.


  • Hardware platform: Core i7 4770 (HD Graphics 4600).
  • Operation system: Windows 7 x64.
  • Graphics driver: 15.36
  • Media SDK 2017 R1
  • According to Media System Analyzer, system supports hardware acceleration up to API version 1.19

Sample code downloaded from:

When executing the code sample, it passes the line:

sts = m_mfxSession.Init(impl, &version)


The following line fails:

sts = MFXVideoUSER_Load(m_mfxSession, &m_UID_Camera, pParams->CameraPluginVersion);

Returned error code is:

MFX_ERR_NOT_FOUND                   = -9,   /* the specified object is not found */

I have tried to debug the SDK Dispatcher, and found the following solution:
I put 54542616243341e693ae899942ce7355 folder (with mfxplugin_camera_pipe64.dll) inside the folder samples\samples\_build\x64\Debug\
Hardware acceleration seems to work, but when gamma correction is enabled, process halts at:


sts = m_mfxSession.SyncOperation(syncpoints[asdepth], MSDK_VPP_WAIT_INTERVAL);

The readme-camera_windows.pdf states:

Software requirements: Intel® Iris™ graphics and HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7/8/8.1 version 15.33.22.(64.)3621 or higher.

But also states:

Hardware acceleration is available on platforms with: 4th Generation Intel® CoreTM processors.

Does Intel HD Graphics 4600 support Camera Pipeline plugin?

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