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Does intel media sdk support mpeg4 codec decoding?


Hi all,

I want to double-check if intel media sdk supports mpeg4 decoding, because SDK API 1.16 reference manual doesn't describe the information correctly.

I am not talking about mp4 container or h.264 codec.

As we know, IPP supported mpeg4 codec decoding but the recent IPP manual said those codec functionalities will be deprecated.

But, I can't find mpeg4 decoding functionality in intel media sdk manual or sample code.

"CodecFormatFourCC" in page 173 of "mediasdk-man.pdf" file contains only H.264, MPEG2, VC1 and HEVC.

Does that mean mpeg4 will not be supported by media sdk now and after?

Because of backward compatibility of already sold products, we need mpeg4 decoding functionality.

If someone knows that, please let me know.

Thank you.

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Hi Thomas, 

Intel Media SDK doesn't support MPEG4 decoding as mentioned in the manual and release notes. I will pass your feedback to the development/architecture team, I will keep you posted if the plans do change in the future. 



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