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Encoder and VPP setting for 720p50 encoding



My application generating 50 progresive frames (resolution 1280 * 720) per second.

 I want to encode this frames using IQSV encoder in 720p50 mode (1280*720 50 frames)

So what will be the encoder setting and VPP setting?

Also I want to know we have to pass only 25 progressive frame to encoder or we can pass all 50 frames to encoder.

Currently if I send all 50 frames for encoding, then output file is duration is double than duration for which we record.

If I send alternate progressive frame to encoder then output file is proper.


Parag Gandhi

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Hi Parag, 

Can you please tell us what system are using, OS and drivers. You can find it here how to get that info
Also, can you gives us a tracer logs(information on how to get can be found here ) for the issue you are seeing. Can you what is the fps of your output video?
It seems like you are interested in FRC, you can find how to set up VPP for FRC in this article - 

Hope this helps. 


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