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Extending API as a part of integration of encoder into Intel Media SDK



   We are trying to integrate an encoder into Intel media SDK. We have some queries in this regard.

1. How we can check that the encoder integrated into Intel media SDK is API complaint? Is there any specific procedure to ensure this?

2. If the encoder we are integrating requires more configuaration, how can we can expand the existing API? Can we add separate enumeration similar to MFX_EXTBUFF_CODING_OPTION/MFX_EXTBUFF_CODING_OPTION2? Is there anything that we should take care so that mfx library does not throw error in this case?



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Hello there - While there is no easy solution to point you to in this regard, we recommend you take a look at adding Plugins to Media SDK. You can find information on that in mediasdkusr-man.pdf document. You can also see the sample_encode code sample to see how we integrate plugins into the MSDK framework (sample_encode uses HEVC as one example to show that).

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Hello ,

 I have a codec that needs to be integrated in Intel Media SDK ,I am able to integrate it and it works properly. Though they are some parameters for which I need to configure from the application but they don't seem to be a part of existing Intel Media SDK structures. One such parameters is controlling number of cores on which my library should run , I could not find any parameter in existing Intel Media SDK structures which could communicate number of cores to my library.

 So, is it possible to add these additional parameters? If yes, should we extend the current structures or add a separate header file and pass that structure as an external coding option ?




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