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HDCP 2.2 and Skylake i7-6700


We are using a Skylake i7-6700 CPU, with an ASRock FATAL1TY Z170 motherboard to build a compact 4K UHD player. 

The Skylake i7-6700 supports HDCP 2.2, as does the ASRock FATAL1TY Z170 motherboard. 

With HDCP 2.2, an HDMI connection to an HDCP 2.2 capable UHDTV port should show either a scrambled signal or reduce the signal to HD quality.

We see no difference between either of the two ASRock FATAL1TY Z170 HDMI ports, open of which is supposedly HDCP 2.2.

What magic lotion do we need to activate the i7-6700's HDCP 2.2 capability?  



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Hi Robert, 

These specific questions  HDCP 2.2 on SKL are related to display ports and out of scope for MediaSDK product. I would encourage you to direct and ask these specific display port related questions on our support forum: where engineers on the forum would be able to help and provide steps for activating HDCP 2.2 capability on Skylake i7-6700 CPU . 



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