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HEVC_VLD_Main and Intel HD graphics



I have a Pentium G3420 (Haswell core) with drivers 3621 (Win 8.1 Pro x64) and unfortunately I haven't found HEVC_VLD_Main in device decoders.

Obviously my iGPU (it's without number, just called "Intel HD graphics") is not supported for GPU assisted hardware HEVC decoding.

Because of my dual core processor has an obvious issue decoding HEVC only in CPU and it would be a significant help to add another processing unit in the decoding process, like GPU, I would like to ask:

Which is the reason of disabling HEVC decoding on "Intel HD graphics" ?

Does your implementation of HW HEVC_VLD decoding use fixed-function hardware (QuickSync) in some parts of the decoding process or it is based only on EUs and CPU ?

Even if the latter is the case, the 10 EUs of my iGPU would be an added processing unit to CPU, helping in the decoding process.

Is there a chance to reconsider the issue and support "Intel HD graphics" for HEVC decoding, in your next driver release ?



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Thank you for your post.  I've passed your request to the planners and marketing teams.


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Just to add two more things:

1) Driver 3412 enabled prematurely HEVC_VLD_Main and enabled that mode even for Pentiums (Haswell core)

2) The same driver 3412, enabled QuickSync encoding for selected Pentiums and Celerons (Haswell core), which I think is much more important than HEVC_VLD_Main.

I don't think that adding HEVC_VLD_Main on Pentiums would changed dramatically CPU marketing segments.


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