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Hardware accelleration not working on Dell E6420

I and not able to use hardware acellerated transcoding on Dell E6420 laptop
the laptop has Intel Core i-7 2620M processor and switcheable graphic
"Intel HD" and NVidia NVS4200M
Ienabled the switcheable "optimus" technology in BIOS and disabled the
NVidia driver in device manager.
Still cannot get hardware accelleration to work.
The Intel transcoder sample with -hw switch returns error:
Return on error: error code -3, .\\src\\pipeline_transcode.cpp 1363
Intel driver version is 8/31/2011.
Any idea what should I do to enable hardware acellerated transcoding
and is it possible on this platform?
How can Iverify if HW acelleration is supported?
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You should be able to use Quick Sync Video and Media SDK. There may be an installation of configuration issue, but I'll need some information to understand what you are seeing.

What version of Media SDK are you using?
How did you install the driver (download from and run setup.exe?)
Are you running on Windows7 32-bit or 64-bit OS.
Are you running win32 or x64 version of sample application?
Can you either send the printout of the sample app (including the command and parameters)?


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